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On Photography / 写真論

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Album photos, ominous premonitions, children and the elderly, peace signs, rear views of people. This is a collection of photographs that have discovered the fundamental mysteriousness of photography within the routine everyday that plays out in among family and friends amid their respective locations in the photographer's hometown of Sasebo and current town of Tokyo. Paperback: 120 pages Product Dimensions: 18.8 x 25.0 Language: English / Japanese Publisher: PLANCTON / Jul. 2012 -------------------------------------------------------------- アルバムの写真、不吉な予感、子供と老人、ピースサイン、後ろ姿。写真が持つ根源的な不可思議さを、故郷佐世保と居住地東京の家族や友人、それぞれの場所で起こる当たり前の日常のなかに見出した写真集。 写真:松尾 修 装丁:尾原史和 仕様:188 × 250mm、120頁 発行:プランクトン 2012年7月

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